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Who are we?

AMILA Automation Technology Company was founded in 2017,Suzhou, China. We develop and manufacture vacuum components,

such as vacuum suction cups, vacuum generators, and othernecessary elements for vacuum automation.


In AMILA, we know that to succeed in today's manufacturing environment, just focusing on vacuum products is not enough.We must to pay more attention to customers themselves and know customers’ needs. Maybe our business is vacuum grabbing, but our focus is always on you. we hope can help you simplify your work, we’re not only your supplier of vacuum components, but also your special expert in vacuum application. Understand your operation comprehensively and provide you perfect solution.


We apply the expertise of vacuum gripping technology to provide correct vacuum components for all walks of life, and comprehensively improve your production effificiency, product quality and overall cost-effectiveness by applying rich knowledge. Whether you belong to packaging, automobile,carpentry, electronics, lithium battery, photovoltaic, food,medical treatment, robotics or any other industry, as partner,we have the same working enthusiasm as you, we understand the challenges you are facing,we maintain a friendly, honest relationship and the family spirit of mutual trust. In AMILA, we are proud to simplify your life and boost your success. Everyone will contribute their own unique strength,and fifinally form a truly complete partnership.

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We always adhere to the people-oriented thinking to develop the enterprise, with high standards and strict requirements to determine the direction of development, to create a vacuum technology leader as the goal, welcome the conceived future

+86 18012729370
+86 18012729370
No.7, Building 3, Beiguandu Road, 215104 Wuzhong District,
Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
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