Intelligent solutions for the automation industry

AMILA focuses on the development of vacuum gripping products and provides intelligent solutions for the automation field. With the advancement of smart manufacturing and robotics, AMILA keeps an eye on niche areas and markets. Providing convenient, high performance and green products for intelligent mobility solutions and giving life to robots is the mission that AMILA has been insisting on unchanging.

Reliability is based on the understanding of our products and our service.

Giving life to manufacturing

We focus on intelligent manufacturing,self-innovation and continuous improvement. We make our efforts to meet customer needs and expectations, the service society, and devote our attention for employee's satisfaction. Be great, be strong, be excellent! Giving life to intelligent manufacturing!

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AMILA New Products

Except vacuum components,we supply vacuum solutions as well. We supply various vacuum solutions according to customers'requirements

Our products are used in various fields

We provide support for different industries

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+86 18012729370
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