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Beijing ¡ª¡ª In May, IAMD International Automation Exhibition showed AMILA's style.
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    In the on-site booth hall, the traffic is surging, and the staff are extremely enthusiastic about every customer who comes, patiently receiving and answering customers'''''''''''''''' technical questions one by one, so that customers can have a more comprehensive understanding of AMILA brand and products.

In the exhibition, the suction cup of MGP attracted many exhibitors'''''''''''''''' consultation.

    This suction cup uses compressed air to generate a vacuum through a vacuum generating tube to bulge the airbag. When the vacuum port absorbs the product, the sealed airbag deforms with the product and closely adheres to the product. The overall design is precise, the structure is stable, the volume is small, and the suction is strong. Make the adsorption work efficient, so it is widely used in various fields.

Sphericity Grippers MGS


In addition, vacuum suction cups, special suction cups, combined suction cups and other products have attracted many visitors to stop and watch.

The 2019 Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition ended perfectly!

The pace of innovation will not stop.

AMILA-your vacuum application expert!

In future,we must work harder,

Looking forward to our next meeting.

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