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AMILA makes vacuum grasping more flexible and quieter.
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     The problem of narrow and cramped space is widespread in the back packing workshop of pharmaceutical enterprises, especially the layout of old factories. Today, with the rising labor costs, the demand for robots to replace packaging workers has become more urgent. However, the traditional narrow production workshop requires extremely high size of packaging equipment. In many cases, too large equipment size can''t meet the workshop demand of current production enterprises. As the leader of the global pharmaceutical industry, the factory of Japan Weicai Company in Suzhou hopes that the equipment will be more flexible and compact to cope with the production of products with more sizes and specifications, and can well cope with the shortage of space to improve the use efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, as a supplier of packaging equipment of Weicai Company, AMILA was found, hoping to provide it with more optimized vacuum grasping solutions with AMILA''s rich experience in vacuum grasping application.


      In the scheme design, the flexible packaging system with double robots has solved the above problems well. In the front stage, a small 6-axis robot is used in conjunction with AMILA ATX series sponge suction tools, which meets the actions of unpacking and packing at the same time, greatly reducing the requirements for carton size, replacing the problem that the traditional unpacking machine occupies too much space, and the flexibility and flexibility are enhanced. AMILA large-area sponge suction device not only has strong grasping ability, but also is equipped with self-closing valve technology to cope with the grasping of cartons of different sizes.


The 6-axis robot with the back end of 50kg is used as the palletizing equipment. In order to reduce the floor space, customers use 50kg robots and abandon pallet conveying equipment, which puts forward higher requirements for the weight of robot gripper. AMILA recommends customers to use distributed vacuum system to deal with cartons with different sizes. Practice has proved that M3010 vacuum generator with suction cups is a perfect choice. The M3010 vacuum generator is not only compact and light, but also easy to install. the three-stage nozzle structure makes the energy consumption lower, and has the characteristics of high flow rate, which can well cope with the permeability of the carton. the sucker and the vacuum generator are directly installed, which makes the grasping faster. AMLIA''s innovative plug-in silencer minimizes the surrounding exhaust noise and meets the noise requirements of the pharmaceutical packaging workshop! Amila-your vacuum application expert!

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