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AMILAVacuum grasping system helps automatic packaging system of medicine box.
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The vertical packing of bulk boxes in the pharmaceutical industry has always been a difficult problem. Because the width of the carton is relatively narrow, the minimum width of the carton is less than 25mm, and the conventional sponge sucker can''t correspond well when grasping, which will result in some holes of the sponge sucker not contacting the carton completely. And because of the softness of sponge, the paper box is easy to expand outward.


Finally, AMILA suggested that customers use traditional rubber suction cups and cooperate with mechanical clamps to achieve the best grasping effect. In this project, AMILA abandoned the traditional way of sucker with self-closing valve or throttle valve, because in the process of grasping, if there is a sucker that does not suck the carton, the missing loading of the carton can be detected due to the obvious drop of vacuum degree, thus omitting visual inspection or later weighing inspection and greatly saving the cost of customers. In the grasping procedure, AMILA suggested the sequence of mechanical clamping first and then vacuum adsorption, so that the cartons could be held closer by mechanical clamping. Although there would be errors in the size of the clamped cartons, even if some suckers were adsorbed in the middle of the cartons, a higher vacuum degree could be maintained.
In the vacuum chamber, the innovative space contraction module of AMILA is used, so that the internal space is greatly reduced, thus the required vacuum value can be quickly reached by using a smaller vacuum generator, and the packing speed is greatly accelerated. During the whole project implementation process, customers greatly appreciated our professionalism, service and product quality!

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