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The 2018 First Shanghai Industry Fair ended in perfection.
Amila Automation Technology Suzhou Co.,Ltd.   Date of issue2018/10/10   Reading times1953second

During the Shanghai Industrial Fair from September 19 to September 23, AMILA showed you the following suction cups:

1、Non-standard suction cup adsorption keyboard.

2、MG.MBG63S50.SP.A3.M1.G14-AG   Combine suction cup to catch soft bag.

3、MNG-BV         Combined needle gripper to handle non-woven fabric.


4、MG.MX55T30.A1.M1.G14-AG        Combined suction cup to catch carton box.

5、MWGM         Photovoltaic sucker sucks electromagnetic sheet.


6、MSG-X-380*230 Transport 25kg rice bag with soft gripper.

Live replay of the exhibition: The audience watched the exhibition one after another, and AMILA sales patiently answered questions for customers. Please look forward to AMILA''''s exhibition next year.


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