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Foam Vacuum Suction Cup For Handling Liquid Packaging Bag
Amila Automation Technology Suzhou Co.,Ltd.¡¡¡¡¡¡Date of issue£º2018/10/8 ¡¡¡¡Reading times£º1667second

    Solving automated handling in automated workshops such as tobacco, fertilizers, and food is an urgent market problem now in China¡¯s production workshops where labor costs are rising, factory automation makes many factories choose robots to automatically carry objects this effectively solves the cumbersome and complicated labor Work procedures greatly improve efficiency. In a chemical raw material production workshop of Sinopec, the company uses the latest ABB palletizing robot the automated assembly line is equipped with our vacuum fixture, when the chemical raw material bag needs to be automatically palletized the advantages of vacuum automation are obvious this set of vacuum fixtures is not only It can be used to grab bags of different weights (maximum 50Kg) and can also be used to grab bags of different materials when the packaging materials are changed, the bags can still be transported steadily to the correct position without the need to replace other cumbersome mechanical fixtures. The maximum production efficiency has been increased to the delivery of 10,000 to 12,000 bags of bagged products per day. This solution has greatly improved the degree of production automation and has become a highlight of automatic production.
    Among the many automated factory assembly line operations, rice packaging bags flour packaging bags chemical raw materials powder packaging bags...and many other automatic handling problems, we have given effective solutions the use of foam vacuum suction cups can Grasp the bag firmly such as sealed airtight materials and slightly semi-permeable materials, as long as you request, we can achieve this automatic handling process. Vacuum handling solves the cumbersome design of mechanical fixtures and fixtures it can achieve the purpose of applying the same vacuum fixture to different bag products without changing other fixtures greatly improving production efficiency and saving time.

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