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What material should be used to design foam gripper
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Today, we talk about what materials should be used to design for foam gripper. As we all know, the foam gripper has received extensive attention in the industry.
      Foam grippers are widely used in vacuum gripping applications, such as robot palletizing and destacking material handling marble, ceramic tiles, ceramic products, building materials, packaging bags, stone, wood, cardboard boxes, metal plates... almost large Most areas where vacuum gripping can be applied can be gripped in this way.
      Foam grippers have high toughness and tear resistance. The foam sheets generally used for vacuum gripping are generally black sponge rubber sheets, orange rubber sheets, and blue rubber sheets on the market.
      How to use the right material is the key to vacuum grasping. Regardless of the application of the material, first consider the design of the gripper itself. The opening size of the gripper (such as a round hole of 10mm12mm15mm or an oval hole) determines the suction. The theoretical suction power of the plate, and the flow selection of the vacuum generator and vacuum pump or vacuum fan needs to be determined according to the pore size and leakage rate of the foam grippers
      After determining the size of the foam hole opening, the vacuum flow rate and the vacuum degree, the suction force of the entire foam grippers can be easily calculated
      When grabbing most irregular and uneven surfaces, it is often necessary to consider the height compensation effect of the sponge and the self-closing valve device built in the foam grippers (most foam grippers need to be equipped with a self-closing valve device to adapt to products of different sizes. Grabbing, this is because some grippers surfaces that are not in contact with the material will leak and destroy the establishment of vacuum)
      After solving the problems of the foam grippers opening and vacuum flow, we can correctly build a suitable foam grippers system
     Most of the occasions where foam grippers are used are relatively heavy work occasions.Foam sheet wear and replacement is a more difficult problem black sponge sheet is generally selected as the sealing material for carton grabbing, plastic parts, and wood board grabbing occasions. In this type of occasion, the material is relatively soft, and it is not easy to cause destructive tearing of the foam rubber sheet, but if it is bricks and stone, the surface of this kind of product is rough and uneven, and the friction is relatively large. Use orange and blue special foam rubber It is more suitable, because the wear resistance and service life of the product are inevitable factors related to the cost of the entire gripper.
     The application of materials is very important. It is a wise choice to use foam grippers sheets of different hardness for materials with different hardness. Softer materials can be made of black sponge rubber sheets. Products with rough surfaces should choose orange special materials to enhance their wear resistance. characteristic.
     In short, to choose a sponge sucker as a vacuum fixture, you need to start with the design and structure of the sucker, from the opening of the sponge hole and whether it is equipped with a self-closing valve, and the configuration of a vacuum pump or a vacuum fan. Choose the appropriate sponge material. To better complete the design and manufacture of the foam grippers, when considering the use of foam grippers, choosing a differentiated solution is the key to solving the customer¡¯s final problem. Not all problems can be solved by the same configuration and materials. We have a wealth of Experience to help customers solve a variety of problems
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