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The working principle of the flat vacuum suction cup
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Hello everyone,today we want to talk with you about the working principle of flat vacuum suction cups. In the booming economic development area of Suzhou, many people know the flat vacuum suction cups, and the flat vacuum suction cup technology is in a leading position in the industry.

First. Vacuum suction cup

The vacuum cup is the connecting part between the workpiece and the vacuum system. The characteristics of the selected vacuum cup have a basic influence on the function of the entire vacuum system.

Second, the basic principle of vacuum suction cups.

1. How is the workpiece attached to the vacuum suction cups.?

Compared with the vacuum system environment, there is a low pressure area between the suction cup and the workpiece.
Due to the pressure difference, the workpiece is pressed back onto the suction cup.
P= P1-P2
The force is proportional to the pressure difference and the effective area, f~p and f~af, = p x a.

2. Important characteristics of vacuum suction cups.

Internal volume: The internal volume of the vacuum suction cup is evacuated, which directly affects the pumping time.
Small radius of curvature: the small radius of the workpiece that can be grasped by the suction cup.
Seal lip stroke: refers to the compressed distance of the suction cup after compression. It directly affects the relative movement of the sealing lip.
Suction cup stroke: the lifting effect when the suction cup is sucked.

Third, the classification of vacuum suction cups

Commonly used vacuum suction cups include flat suction cups, corrugated suction cups, oval suction cups and special suction cups.
1. The performance of the flat suction cup: high positioning accuracy compact design, small internal volume, which can shorten the grasping time achieve high lateral force on the surface of the flat workpiece, the wide sealing lip has sealing characteristics grasp the workpiece with good stability The buried structure of the large-diameter suction cup  can achieve high suction (for example): the suction cup of the disc structure the bottom support the large effective suction cup diameter the variety of the suction cup material. The typical application areas of frequency conversion suction cups are: moving flat or slightly rough surface plates, such as metal, carton, glass, plastic and wood.
2. Features of corrugated pumping unit: 1.5 fold, 2.5 fold, 3.5 fold good adaptability to uneven surfaces lifting effect when grasping workpieces compensation for different heights gentle grasping of vulnerable workpieces soft bottom corrugation The handle and the upper corrugation have high hardness. The ions of the suction cup the soft and adaptable tapered sealing lip the bottom support the suction cup has many materials. Typical applications of corrugated suction cups: processing disc-shaped uneven parts, such as automotive plates, cartons, plastic parts, aluminum foil/thermoplastic packaging products, and electronic parts.
3. The performance of the elliptical suction cup: adopts absorbable surface suitable for long convex workpieces hardness-enhanced vacuum suction cups small-size suction cups generally flat corrugated suction cups various suction cup materials embedded structure has higher grasping Force (disk-shaped suction cup) R). Typical application areas of oval suction cups : processing narrow, long and small gripping surfaces, such as pipe fittings, geometric workpieces, wooden strips, window frames, cartons, tin foil/thermoplastic packaging products.

4. Special suction cups: the same as ordinary suction cups the special materials and shapes of the suction cups can be used in specific application fields/enterprises the typical application fields of special suction cups: the special performance of processing workpieces. Such as fragile, porous, deformable surface structure.

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