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Exhibition Preview | AMILA Meets You at South China International Industry Fair (2021-9-17)
Beijing !! In May, IAMD International Automation Exhibition showed AMILA's style. (2019-5-13)
2019 IAMD Beijing Automation Exhibition invites you to come! (2019-4-19)
AMILA invites you to attend Guangzhou International Automation Exhibition! (2019-2-22)
AMILA makes vacuum grasping more flexible and quieter. (2018-10-26)
AMILAVacuum grasping system helps automatic packaging system of medicine box. (2018-10-20)
The 2018 First Shanghai Industry Fair ended in perfection. (2018-10-10)
Foam Vacuum Suction Cup For Handling Liquid Packaging Bag (2018-10-8)
What material should be used to design foam gripper (2018-10-8)
The working principle of the flat vacuum suction cup (2018-9-29)
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